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Measures of Well-Being

December 17, 2009
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I came across an interesting article in U of T Magazine, Winter 2010 issue.  The cover has the question: Is Life Getting Better?  The article questions whether using GDP is a good measure of the well-being of society.  The article gives examples of limitations of using GDP; for example, doesn’t measure environmental consequences of say new industry or income distribution.  The author, Kurt Kliener speaks of other indicators that are used such as the Canadian Index of Well-Being (CIW) which measures indicators like living standards, health, environment, education, arts and recreation.

The article got me thinking as to what are my indicators of my well-being and happiness.  Do you know yours?

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December 15, 2009
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I had a choice to make last evening.  Attend my daughters recital at school or a networking opportunity.  I chose the recital.  My wife made the interesting point of asking me which will I be more likely to remember as the years go by.

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December 14, 2009
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I am taking a workshop of commitment; in particular the ones we make to ourselves.  What was highlighted was the importance of keeping them so that we are our word and that we believe in ourselves when we set future goals and targets.

I made a commitment to blog daily for 10 days and intend to keep my word. 

Imagine living a life where we consitently keep the commitments we make.

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Being in the Present

December 13, 2009
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My 22 month old son reminded me today about the utter joy on can feel about fully experiencing the moment

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Strategies for EMBA’s

December 12, 2009
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One of my executive MBA students asked me for some strategies to do well in their corporate finance course.  I suggested two things:

  1. Set aside time each week to keep up with the material.  Finance and accounting is not a course that you can cram at the last moment.  Percolation time is required.
  2. Make sure you understand the concepts as opposed to memorizing steps to get the answer.


I work with EMBA students to help them understand finance and accounting concepts who may not have a financial background.

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Who Knows You?

December 10, 2009
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In speaking with my coach Owen Williams the other day, he reminded me that my main job is to market myself.  As a consultant, it is important that I provide excellent service, but excellent service is of minimal value if few know about it. 

So I am committing to mingle more in the world of business, to meet more people and have more know who I am.

Are you spending enough time marketing yourself?

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