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How To Work A Room by Susan Roane

March 8, 2017
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CaptureI was at the Scarborough Civic Centre and had some time, so I dropped by the library.  Browsing the shelves, this book caught my eye.

In-person networking has been my most effective way in garnering new business.  I figured, if I can learn another tip or two by reading the book, then why not.

Susan’s book is a good refresher on the do’s and don’ts of networking.  Much of what she says is common sense and may act as a reminder to what you already know.

She reminded me that:

  1. I need to put myself out there on a regular basis.
  2. Most are not fully at ease in a networking environment.  If you approach someone on who is on their own, 90%+ will respond very favorably.  Over 90% consider themselves to be “shy”.
  3. Avoid using your cell at an event, dinner, party, or meetings.  I have heard corollaries of this many times; the idea that using a cell phone sends the message that you are not fully engaged and not fully in the present.  Step to the side or out in the hall if you really need to take a call.
  4. Attend events with positive energy and purpose.
  5. Eye contact, firm handshake and LISTEN actively.
  6. Have a few stories under your belt.
  7. Understand that networking is not selling.  You’re making connections and building rapport, not making deals.  Treat people as people, not prospects.

It was an enjoyable read.

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